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DE-SOLVER GOGOJONES SIR SIMON IVAN VLADIMIR LEE-MOW NUBIAN JACK   Character Effects… allowed us to populate the surface of polygon meshes with an arbitrary number of primitive … interface that delivers high quality, complex results in  efficient time thanks to  … Continue Reading →


Our new gym was also developed in Sketchupadding professional lighting and rendering tools allowed a  … QUALITY. V-Ray look and feel  creatingthe highest quality renders possible … scenes (.vrscene) exporting files to 3ds Max, we selected  from Whole mesh, Bounding… Continue Reading →

NEW BOXING STADIUM gym was developed in Sketchup and our files were transported to  3D Max we used high end ploy and low poly models again integrating Modeling SetsUV MappingModularityImproving Modeling SkillsScene Structure Polygon

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