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Launches in the End of 2018

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The First Multi Player VR Boxing Game Gloves Of Glory

EVR Studios is proud to present their latest project - the first ever Multiplayer VR boxing Tournament called Gloves of Glory Champions ! The new VR boxing game will be the first Boxing tournament where players can play against each other for points and Cash prizes. And We Want You To Be Part Of This Exciting Evolution Of VR Game Play ,Players Submit Their Request When They Want To Play Against Another Player in our Multiplayer tournament and gain 300 Points or they can choose to play Single player pick one of our 9 AI characters and gain 100 points Each bout will be for 3 Rounds and last for 2 mins. Who Ever Lands the Most Punches wins Which Will Be Shown On The Leader board. Users Can Also Place Bets virtual bets and Gain 30 Points To Their Score

At the same time, while the game aims to help you become and stay fit, its actual gaming experience is second to none in the world of boxing virtual reality simulators. Take on a range of opponents, all differing in size, tactics and boxing style on your path to the championship belt. Learn the intricacies of real-life boxing and ways you can improve your skills until your name is crowned the number one on the leader board of other real players.

Of course, none of this would matter if the game did not possess the ability for it to be incredibly immersive. The key element of this simulator’s high immersion ability is the excellent VR graphics, supported by an engine that allows for a precise sense of space.

Gloves of Glory also comes with many great features which allows anyone who plays it to become fully immersed in this gripping game. These include:

The first 3 players to reach 15,000 points win cash prize of $2000 $1500 $500

Pick up your VR controllers and put on your headset - your Gloves of Glory VR Boxing Tournament awaits! Step into the ultimate virtual reality boxing simulator and experience this unique blend of fitness and gaming fun.

Begin your VR boxing journey with the dedicated help of Spider, your personal trainer. With his help, you will learn how to land punches, avoid the sting of your opponent's gloves and produce devastating combos. Spider will also let you know in reality the number of calories you are burning and also the increased stamina you are building from playing this game. Gloves of Glory is therefore not only fun but also perfect for improving your health and fitness!

  • Fighting in boxing rings surrounded by thousands of screaming fans
  • Introductions from legendary boxing announcer Michael Duffy
  • Attractive round girls
  • Active referee in each match
  • Increase stamina and burn calories simultaneously

With all this in its corner, it is clear that the Gloves of Glory simulator has all a game needs to become the true champion of the VR boxing world. Join the simulator on this incredible road of personal fitness and endless gaming fun, all packed in a single but brilliant sports simulation release

Gloves of Glory Champions will be out on Rift and PSVR Vive,Gear, Cardboard, Daydream and PC